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Initiating therapy is tough enough without worrying if your therapist gets it. At Karibu Mental Health Network we see you. All of you.

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About Karibu

We witnessed a growing need for mental health professionals who could see beyond Western models of understanding illness, health and healing. There are times when people need a different approach to navigate their experiences. This is where we come in. Our therapists offer a tailored approach that you can count on.

Our Approach

We ground ourselves in a communitarian ethos, which keeps us focused on acting in the best interest of others. We seek to strengthen connections in our communities to make mental health services available to those needing support. We are collaborative for the common good.

Self Healing Tools

Explore self-guided methods to bring clarity and solutions to your life.

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Community Events

See what’s going on in your neighbourhood. Heal in community.

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Crisis Support

Find a therapist to help when the situation feels urgent.

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Learn how to unpack and process your life on a page.

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We offer care in various languages and are respectful of different religious backgrounds. We are committed to providing culturally-relevant services that will promote your well-being. Get in touch to start your therapeutic journey with Karibu today.

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