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Validation Tip Sheet

The early years are crucial in forming a positive self image and understanding of how others can help to support one’s needs in life. Validation is the act of reassuring others that their experiences, emotions, and feelings are real and valid. When you validate a child, it allows them to feel safe and understand that they can reach out in the future without feeling misunderstood or shameful about their feelings.

Adulting 101 Tip Sheet

“Adulting” can be hard, on some days more than others. Millennials coined this term, and use it to describe the daily tasks and challenges of adult life. Things like paying the bills, keeping the house clean, and keeping a job are all part of being a responsible adult 一 but adulting can be fun and joyful, too.

Being Responsive to Your Child’s Needs Tip Sheet

Between the ages of 0 and 3, a child’s main developmental challenge is to build a secure attachment with their caregivers. It’s possible to build a healthy attachment with your little one by picking up on and responding to their needs – even before they can talk. This tip sheet explores how caregivers build a healthy and secure attachment with toddlers by picking up on and responding to their needs.

Supporting Your Teen Through Puberty Tip Sheet

During adolescence, children are slowly maturing into young adults and forming their own identities. In their tween and teen years, a child will go through changes in both their body and their emotional life. As a parent, it’s important to be there for them through these changes so that this time feels less scary for them.

Preventing Burnout in the Workplace Tip Sheet

Burnout can lead individuals to feel cynical about their jobs, like nothing makes a difference. One may find it hard to concentrate at work, or feel hopeless about being productive and doing a good job. Burnout is a common and normal experience, and there’s no need to feel ashamed of it.

This tip sheet explores burnout in the workplace, how to recognize it and steps that can be taken to prevent it.

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